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Welcome to Our Website!!!

Almost 5 years in the making... We finally put our big girl panties on and got a website!

Welcome to our website! Finally! Well, not so much. Take a listen.

Me: I have to have a website. People won't take my business serious. Also me: *throws together trash website in 15 minutes. So trash, I don't invite anyone to the website. "Patience, young grasshopper,"

So, it did, but, didn't take me 5 years to get here. I'll explain...

When I first started my business, I was soooo hung up over having a website. Like, super obessive. I mean, that's what makes your biz official, right? Well, I'd find out. I got the domain and all the other little dohickies I thought I'd need to establish my brand. I was so excited! I designed that website in like 5 minutes. Now, it may seem like I'm being hard on myself. But, that website was garbage. Seriously. I have receipts! I drove no traffic to my site, whatever. I would encourage my customers to buy directly with me. So, after a year and a few hundred dollars that probably overdrafted my account at some point, I broke it off with my website. I ran business through inboxes, text messages and DMs. It worked... eh!

Fast forward. Creative Dee said, "Put me in the game, Coach! I'm ready!". I decided to shoot my shot at another stab (no pun... get it, pin=stab. Nevermind.) at it. I had a real good start. I got really far. But, once I got close to the end, I went back to the bench. Covid and Race wars started and all type of other crazy mess. I was cooked. But, surround yourself with people who motivate you to be better because that's how we got to the end. And at 2:49am on July 10, 2020. I'm pressing (no pun... get it, I press buttons. Nevermind.) the publish button on my website. Feel free to leave feedback!

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