Hey, y'all! I'm DiAna (Dee), owner and operator of Buttons and Change Merch Mfg. and Novelty Co. LLC. I'm so happy you stopped by! I'm always asked, "How did you get into manufacturing buttons, Dee?". We'll I'll tell you. 9 years ago I found myself in a booth FULL of pinback buttons. I'm a button girl. So, needless to say, I was in button heaven! At that point, I realized as creative, I'd be designing and producing my own buttons. Fast forward to 2015... I did it! I finally got my first machine to begin manufacturing pinback buttons. I was so excited after making my first batch, you know what I did? Went straight to social media with my newly produced gems. Social media ate it up! Here's where I realized my business had another purpose. I had a need to fulfill. There were other creatives and entreprenuers, like myself, that wanted affordable and tangible extensions of their brand. Extensions of themselves. August 2015, Buttons and Change LLC. was born.


What is Buttons and Change? We are creative brand specializing in assisting our clients in tapping into their creative side to create their own fun novelties and flair to pass along. Our baby is the 1" pinback button. However, we offer several sizes and other accessories for customization. Our product list continues to grow. Subscribe to our email list, so you don't miss a beat! We promise not to fill your inbox! Also, let's not forget, this whole thing started because we wanted to make our own pins. Check back because our novelty shop will be opening soon! 

So, when you feel like your voice isn't being heard, say it with a button!